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For technical support: If you see an error message anywhere, please copy and paste the error message here so we can help you troubleshoot faster.

FAQ and Troubleshooting


Please go to in your Chrome browser, then click logout, then log in. Then check an Amazon product page and see if it works.

Restart Chrome

In a few instances, we have found that completely closing the Chrome browser and restarting it can be helpful.

Clear Cache/Cookies

Depending on the issue, sometimes clearing your browser cache/cookies can be helpful (link: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData). Please be aware if you choose to do this, it will delete your cache/cookies from other sites as well.

Check your Authorization setup on

Please go to, click on "My Account" and then click on "Authorization". That page will tell you if you need to add or update your Authorization setup in order for the extension to work.

Extension Added and Extension Enabled Check

Go to chrome://extensions/ Make sure RevSeller is there, and make sure on the right side the checkbox is checked so that RevSeller is enabled.


Go to chrome://extensions/ Find the Revseller extension and click the trash icon to the right to uninstall. Go to, click "My Account", then click "Download Extension" and follow the instructions there.

Turn Off Other Extensions and Try RevSeller again:

Go to chrome://extensions/ and disable all other extensions (uncheck them on the right side) except RevSeller, then try and reload an Amazon page and see if it works then.

The purpose of this extension is to help you make faster and more informed product decisions using our Product Calculator Estimates and the information we make easily available on the page. While we strive for accuracy, sometimes there is not enough data available from Amazon for an exact estimate of fees or other data. We encourage you to check the data with Amazon's calculator or in the manage inventory page fee estimates before making product decisions.
Yes, as long as you are using it for the same Selling account, you can use it on multiple computers. Just go to on the 2nd device and login with your RevSeller login info. Then go to "My Account" and "Download Extension."
We follow Amazon's SP-API policies which require sellers to authorize our access in order to make calls on the seller’s behalf.
We only call product information for the page you are currently visiting.
Services that use the Amazon API to estimate fees can estimate fees accurately for a large portion of products, but they also all have limitations on accuracy because of limited data from the Amazon API. We have worked hard to create accurate estimates, and encourage you to check with Amazon Calculator or other Amazon sources before making decisions.
Right now Google Chrome extensions do not work on the mobile versions of Chrome. The extension works on a laptop/desktop version of Google Chrome.
The extension is currently available for use on the and marketplaces. It will not yet work for, etc.
Currently it is only available for use in the Google Chrome browser.
Yes, as long they are doing work for your Selling account, they can use the extension as well. To set it up on more than one computer, just go to on the 2nd device and login with your RevSeller login info. Then go to "My Account" and "Download Extension."
We think it is helpful for the beginner and experienced seller alike. As a beginner - having net proceeds estimates pop up automatically, and then being able to adjust the numbers and immediately see the results can help you learn these numbers faster. For experienced sellers, anything that saves time like this tool does is really helpful as well.
If you would like to cancel your renewal, please use the cancel link in My Account or contact us using the contact form.

Uninstalling the extension or revoking Revseller SP-API access in Seller Central does not cancel the auto-renewal. If you want to cancel, you must do that on our website, by emailing us or using the contact form on this site.